Spacers and Tying Wire

Construction has multiple parts and aspects to it. To ensure a good, durable, and safe build, you need to make sure that you have the appropriate products and equipment. Spacers and tying wire are vital parts of this. Both of them play important roles in the construction, keeping the structure safe and usable. Our products for both will give you the quality, usability, and durability that you expect. They will fulfill the intended purpose while minimizing any potential complications that you might see with lower quality products. They give you exceptional stability while extending the life of the project.
We use top quality material when manufacturing our spacers and tying wire. These will remain in the structure, after all, and should retain shape and position for long periods. This avoids any breakdown or loosening that could put the structure’s stability in peril. With these both being essential parts of the structure’s stability and construction, keeping everything in place, we wanted to use only the best materials available.
Our manufacturing makes use of the high quality materials. For these products to do their job, there should be high standards of quality in manufacturing. Good materials is not enough. You should have something that offers the size, strength, durability, and shape that you expect of spacers and tying wire. When put in place and with concrete poured on top, they should keep everything together without complications. We have top of the line equipment and professionals heading manufacturing to make this so. Our people make sure that your concrete has a longer lifespan.
Using both these products is not difficult. They are standard and provide basic usability. They come packaged in a way that is easy to use them immediately, and they go onto a structure as intended. You can use them as normal and within the normal requirements for them.
Cost and Availability
You can purchase spacers and tying wire at any point. If you need to have both for an upcoming project of any kind, we provide them at an affordable cost. For the competitive price, you receive the quality and durability that you expect of these products. You can build a stable structure that will continue to meet demands for a long period. When combined with other high quality construction materials and practices, the structures that you build will have a longer lifespan and will remain strong.

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Tying Wire for Reinforcement


tying wire

Building a structure using rebar requires tying wire. The use of tying wire for reinforcement is a vital aspect of the structure’s stability. Without tying wire, there is a higher chance of the rebar changing shape after the concrete pours. If this happens, the concrete could begin to break, putting the entire structure at risk. Apartments, bridges, tunnels, and all other areas with rebar depend on tying wire to keep the structure’s integrity for longer. It is a small yet vital aspect of the structure that cannot be overlooked. We provide tying wire at affordable costs. All wire is high quality and durable, meeting the standards and needs of those in construction.

Reinforced Structures

Concrete can break down for various reasons. Rebar without tying wire is one of them. Rebar that does not have anything to keep it in place may change in shape after pouring the concrete. If this were to happen, the rebar could damage the concrete. It would create cracks and begin to tear it apart from the inside. This significantly reduces the lifespan and safety of the structure. There is a higher chance of it collapsing or becoming unusable. Using tying wire for reinforcement is a simple yet effective way to avoid such a situation.

Point of Tying Wire

Tying wire keeps rebar together. Again, it can change shape without such a product. Tying wire ensures that the rebar does not begin to move after the concrete goes down. With the rebar in one shape, there is a lower chance of damage to the concrete. No cracks or tears coming from the inside will keep the concrete in good condition for longer.
It also supports the structure in case of disaster or impact. An earthquake, as an example, can cause rebar to move and the concrete to break apart without reinforcement. Tying wire keeps that from happening. The rebar will remain together, lowering the risk of severe damage to the structure.

Quality Tying Wire

We provide top quality tying wire for reinforcement. Our tying wire offers basic usage, but exceptional material and manufacturing. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our products. You can be sure that, with our tying wire, your structure will have the stability and reinforcement it needs to last a lifetime or two. Keep it in working condition for longer.
All tying wire comes at competitive prices and is high quality. To learn more or make a purchase, contact us.

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Rebar Tying Wire

Rebar Tying WireThe use of rebar in construction is widespread. To create the intended shape for a structure, you must use rebar. It is a strong material that, when used properly, can provide a higher quality and more durable result. Alone, however, it is not enough. Rebar tying wire keeps the rebar in the same shape for longer. Without this wire, there is a high risk of the rebar moving and damaging the concrete. It will not retain its shape as well, especially through any disasters or powerful impact. Our tying wire provides the usability and quality that you expect for your structure. We have competitive, affordable prices as well as ready availability.

Using Tying Wire

Rebar tying wire keeps the rebar’s shape. When getting the rebar into a specific shape for construction purposes, you can use tying wire to keep it that way. After pouring the concrete onto the rebar, this will keep it in the same shape for longer. There is a lower risk of the rebar moving when tying wire is applied. Due to the potential movement of rebar, and the damage that it can cause to the inside of a concrete structure if moved, the use of tying wire is imperative. It ensures that the structure maintains its shape and does not begin to deteriorate much sooner than it should.

If rebar were to move when inside the concrete, it could create cracks that spread throughout the entire structure. This could cause large points in the structure to weaken, possibly breaking off. The cost of repairing or replacing the structure is astronomical. In most cases, it is also avoidable.

Tying Wire Quality

Tying wire keeps rebar where it should be. Rebar cannot move when the wire ties it together. Made of high quality materials, it does not break down when the concrete is pouring or over time. As long as it is tight around the rebar, it will keep the shape for a long time.

This is true in most situations. Along with age, rebar tying wire can protect against disasters and powerful impacts. It reinforces the rebar and the structure considerably. The rebar, even through powerful earthquakes, is unlikely to move. The concrete may become slightly damaged on the outside, but the inside does not crack or lose its shape.

Get Yours Now

We provide affordable, high quality, durable rebar tying wire. If you would like to use this for your project, contact us now to learn more or make a purchase.

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How to Detect Reputable Steel Reinforcement Suppliers

slider-img001Are you in search of reliable Steel Reinforcement Suppliers for that your construction project? Or you just can’t know how to find one. The truth is that getting some of the best steel suppliers does require you to exercise a great amount of caution. This is because sometimes you could just throw your money away by patronizing those dishonest companies.

Always remaining on guard is very important when it comes to getting quality and trusted Steel Reinforcement Suppliers. It doesn’t matter whether you plan getting a material such as a393 mesh or rebar Dublin; you will need to apply these tips whenever you want to search for suppliers. Some of them will be stated below.


James’s Street Steel Manufacturing Ltd

Check Out Their Stock

Any reliable steel supplier would know that customers have different needs which should be met. That is to say there ought to be different materials being stocked to meet demands. A trusted supplier stocks items such as a393 mesh, rebar Dublin, merchant sheet of different sizes and lots of others.

Also, don’t fail to check out if they stock accessories such as tie wire, accessories for reinforcement, spacers and so on.


James’s Street Steel Manufacturing Ltd

Make Enquiries

Making enquiries in this context doesn’t mean just asking the suppliers about some sensitive questions that may just be bothering you. It goes beyond that as it entails trying to find out the quality of their goods from customers who might have used them in the past.

Before you buy an a393 mesh or rebar Dublin, it is very important that you ask the companies to give you the contacts of its customers. This is to hear from them on how the quality of their steel is. This will help you a lot most especially when you have any doubts about the quality of what you plan getting.

In such an instance, you may have to base your decision on the feedbacks of past and existing customers.


Stocking Quality

Stocking variety of steel reinforcement materials isn’t good enough. All reliable and trusted steel reinforcement suppliers have quality materials that can meet your needs. You have to ensure that you watch out for this so that your project doesn’t collapse before time.

Even if you are going to need materials or products such as a393 mesh or rebar Dublin, there is every need for you to check the quality of what you are getting. These are standard mesh sheets that aren’t susceptible to rust at will. You need what will stand the test of time for your construction project.

In conclusion, it is very obvious that there is need for you to be diligent about the types of suppliers that you deal with when it comes to steel reinforcements.


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A393 Mesh

Welded wire mesh, also known as welded wire fabric and “weld mesh” (the term weld mesh is given to the kind of barrier fencing which is manufactured like a square or rectangle in a grid pattern), is a really strong electric fusion welded prefabricated joined grid, which consists of many parallel longitudinal wires, which are evenly spaced and welded to cross wires at regular intervals. In basic terms, it’s steel gridded mesh on a bigger scale. This mesh is produced by machines for an extremely precise dimensional control and the mesh results in great savings for time, labor, and capital.

This reinforcing mesh is a metal wire screen, consisting of low carbon steel wire or stainless reinforcing steel wire. You can get it in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, like A393 Mesh. It is quite popular in the agricultural industry as well as industrial, transportation, horticultural, and food procuring sectors. However, it can also be used quite well in mines, gardening, machine protection, and other industries where reinforcing steel is needed.

There are so many different types of welded wire mesh, and they are all categorized by their structure, how they can be used, and the characteristics they possess. One of the very popular welded wire meshes is A393 Mesh, also known as A393 Reinforcing Mesh, with the following measurements:

  • The Main Wires are 10mm
  • The Cross Wires are 10mm
  • The Mesh Size is 200mm x 200mm
  • The Weight is 6.16 Kg / M2

If you are looking for some reliable A393 Mesh in Ireland, come check us out at James’s Street Steel. We are specialists in rebar fabricators and we are willing to offer competitive rates for cut bars, bent bars, and welded mesh steel reinforcements. You know you’ll get what you need from us, as we also offer standard mesh sheets, reinforcement accessories, spacers, and tie wire if you need some extra support other than our fantastic welded wire mesh. Whether you have an urgent need, a small or large requirement, we are ready to help you with whatever kind of needs you have.

Welded Wire Mesh is important to keeping things stable and is used in a wide variety of industries. If you are in a position where you need A393 Reinforcing Mesh or another kind of reinforcing mesh, we have what you need. Give us a call today and we’ll get you set up with whatever type or mesh you need for your project.

A393 mesh

A393 mesh

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Rebar Suppliers Ireland

rebar suppliers irelandDifferent type’s of Rebar provided by Rebar Suppliers Ireland

Metal bars known as rebar are added in the poured concrete to assist distribute the load and renovate the hardened concrete. It is generally produced of carbon steel and is cast by having ridges for fair adherence to the concrete and if kept in poured concrete, it makes strong the finished building. Concrete is a solid substance when it sets, but it contains low tensile power and hence does not stick to itself properly at the time of expansion and contraction because of modifications in the ground and weather conditions. Hence rebar is kept in the concrete to compensate for the low tensile strength of the concrete. It maintains the concrete from separating that can make cracks and weaknesses in the building.

There are six types of rebar from Rebar Suppliers Ireland

Rebar is best in maintaining the structure due to the reason concrete and steel expand and contract that shows the two are less possibly to isolate from each other. Different lengths and diameters are available from rebar suppliers Ireland. There are six types of rebar like carbon steel, European, epoxy coated, galvanized, glass fiber reinforced polymer and stainless steel. The various types of rebar have different strengths and weaknesses.


The power of European rebar is its price. It is manufactured of manganese; it is the least resistance kind of rebar with the ability to bending. Rebar supplier Ireland do not recommend this for usage in the places which experience earthquakes. The normal rebar black bar is utilized on each kind and scale of work with some exceptions. The major negative aspect of this might be exposed to water saturation or humidity, there are some choices available than black rebar. But with the ability is tensile strength and value ratio, this type of rebar is best. Black rebar is coated with epoxy coat. It contains the similar textile power but is seventy to thousand seven hundred times highly resistant to corrosion. But the epoxy coating is very delicate. The higher the damage, the less resistant to corrosion. Another type is galvanized rubber is forty times highly resistant to corrosion, but it is tough to damage the coating. In that, it contains higher value than the other type or rebar.


But it is up to forty percent costly than other kinds. You can have a look at the rebar supplier Ireland to get more information. GFRP or glass fiber reinforced polymer is such as carbon fiber. So fiber blends are not allowed while utilizing GFRP. But it will not corrode. It is an unparalleled concrete bar. It costs 10 times costly than epoxy type. It is very light; hence the cost is double while looking the linear feet. Stainless steel rebar is the most costly bar found with rebar suppliers Ireland, up to 8 times the rate of other said types. It is the best rebar found for plenty of projects. But availing stainless steel in all but the special of situations is always overkill. But for the people who contain a reason to avail it, this type of rebar 1500 times highly resistant to corrosion. It is extremely resistant to damage other corrosive proof kinds of rebar or corrosive resistant and it can be bent in the industry.

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James’s Street Steel (

James’s Street Steel

James’s Street Steel Ireland’s Largest Manufacturer for reinforcing cut and bent and mesh for the construction industry.
We are specialist rebar fabricators and offer competitive rates for both cut and bent bar and mesh reinforcement.We also stock a comprehensive range of standard mesh sheets,reinforcement accessories,spacers and tie wire.

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James's Street Steel

James’s Street Steel (

All our reinforcement is to the relevant British Standards and Cares. James’s Street Steel are a family business established in 1974 offering a friendly service. We service a large range of contracts however small,large or urgent the requirement.

Visit our website to see our products:


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