A393 Mesh

Welded wire mesh, also known as welded wire fabric and “weld mesh” (the term weld mesh is given to the kind of barrier fencing which is manufactured like a square or rectangle in a grid pattern), is a really strong electric fusion welded prefabricated joined grid, which consists of many parallel longitudinal wires, which are evenly spaced and welded to cross wires at regular intervals. In basic terms, it’s steel gridded mesh on a bigger scale. This mesh is produced by machines for an extremely precise dimensional control and the mesh results in great savings for time, labor, and capital.

This reinforcing mesh is a metal wire screen, consisting of low carbon steel wire or stainless reinforcing steel wire. You can get it in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, like A393 Mesh. It is quite popular in the agricultural industry as well as industrial, transportation, horticultural, and food procuring sectors. However, it can also be used quite well in mines, gardening, machine protection, and other industries where reinforcing steel is needed.

There are so many different types of welded wire mesh, and they are all categorized by their structure, how they can be used, and the characteristics they possess. One of the very popular welded wire meshes is A393 Mesh, also known as A393 Reinforcing Mesh, with the following measurements:

  • The Main Wires are 10mm
  • The Cross Wires are 10mm
  • The Mesh Size is 200mm x 200mm
  • The Weight is 6.16 Kg / M2

If you are looking for some reliable A393 Mesh in Ireland, come check us out at James’s Street Steel. We are specialists in rebar fabricators and we are willing to offer competitive rates for cut bars, bent bars, and welded mesh steel reinforcements. You know you’ll get what you need from us, as we also offer standard mesh sheets, reinforcement accessories, spacers, and tie wire if you need some extra support other than our fantastic welded wire mesh. Whether you have an urgent need, a small or large requirement, we are ready to help you with whatever kind of needs you have.

Welded Wire Mesh is important to keeping things stable and is used in a wide variety of industries. If you are in a position where you need A393 Reinforcing Mesh or another kind of reinforcing mesh, we have what you need. Give us a call today and we’ll get you set up with whatever type or mesh you need for your project.

A393 mesh

A393 mesh

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